Skin tightening best freezefat lipolysis beauty machine cryolipolysis spare parts made in china ETG50-4S

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Skin tightening best freezefat lipolysis beauty machine cryolipolysis spare parts made in china ETG50-4S
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Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
Marca: Ibeauty
Model Number: ETG50-4S
Feature: Skin Tightening
Application: For Commercial, For Commercial & Home Use
After-sales Service Provided: Online support
Warranty: 1 Year
Type: Multi-Function Beauty Equipment
size: 60x57x138cm
Input: AC220V -230V AC100V-110V
HEAT: 37-45C
CRYO: -13~5C
N.W.: 70KG
G.W.: 110KG
Brand name: Ibeauty
Certificação: Other, CE
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Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
Marca: Ibeauty, Ibeauty
Certificação: Other, CE
Model Number: ETG50-4S
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Packaging Details: in standard wooden case
Supply Ability: 500 Set/Sets per Month
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cryo fat freezing machine  

Best freezefat lipolysis beauty machine cryolipolysis spare parts made in china ETG50-4S



Product Description

Best selling!!! Cryolipolysis Machine /Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing Machine /Cryolipolysis Slimming Machine





rypolysis fat freezi



ng machine

 1).  Working Theory ultrasound lipolysis m

achines   portable cryo machine


Triglyceride in fats will be converted into solid in particular low temperatures.


It uses advanced cooling technology to selectively target fat bulges and eliminate fat cells through a gradual process that does not harm the surrounding tissues, reduce unwanted fat, when fat cells are exposed to precise cooling, they trigger a process of natural removal that gradually reduces the thickness of the fat layer. And the fat cells in the treated area are gently eliminated through the body’s normal metabolism process, to eliminate unwanted fat. 




2).  Technology Background ultrasound lipolysis machines portable cryo machine


The cooling procedure using lipofreeze is fundamentally different from other non-or minimally-invasive modalities, and it was approved as the most effective way to fat reduction. 


This revolutionary new fat loss method, which is approved as an important technology progress in fat reduction since it is put into use. For those people who are on diet, do regular exercise but still remove local fat, cryo definitely a great gift. For fat intensive parts and less parts, such as love handles (flanks), and back fat.(loose fat above the hip on both sides of waist), belly and back fat. cryo can produce stunning results.




3) Basic information   ultrasound lipolysis machines


input voltage

AC110V/220V/240V 50-60Hz

power consumption



large colorful touch screen

cooling device output temperature

-15-0° C

Heating Temp

0 to 42 C



warranty time

two years

terms of payment


Delivery time

5 days after receive deposit payment

Super Large handls


For belly treatment

Large handle

For belly treatment

Med handle

For hip or belly

small handle

For Leg, arm


TT 15AL250V

Ambient temperature

5-40 Celsius degree

Relative humidity





4)Technical features  cryo fat freezing machine


1.the latest technology in non-surgery mechanical beauty industry


2.better than suction fat


3.the most popular slimming way in European countries


4.a kind of technology with easy use for ultrasonic and RF  


5.suitable for slimming for body parts like back,waist and cellulite




5) Surprise effects cryo fat freezing machine


1.With a single treatment subjects had a 20 % reduction after two months . 

2.The lipolytic effect of treatment takes place within about two to four months.

3.It is primarily applicable for limited discrete fat bulges.




6) Competitive advantages  cryo fat freezing machine


1.the latest design


2.easy to operation and maintain


3.comfortable, painless, woundless during the treatment


4.easy operation, easy study


5. non- exhaustion, low cost investment and quick high returns


6.specialized in production of medical and aesthetic equipments for many years


7.the professional and infreezefattive engineers are the pioneers of optoelectronics in China


8.spare parts self produced, production cost is in control




7) cryo Procedure 


The cryo procedure involves the use of an applicator that cools the fat cells in the targeted area of your body for a simple, natural fat removal process. 


The treated fat cells are removed though natural metabolic processes within the body, similar to the way fat from food is removed. This allows for a gradual reduction in fat from targeted areas to create a slimmer, more defined appearance. The cryo procedure usually takes two or more hours to perform, depending on the size of the area being treated.



China supplier for tripolar rf and cavitation cool machine 4 handpieces: size300,size200,size150,size100

1, Size300: 35*12*12 CM

2, Size200: 20*7*9 CM

3, Size150: 15*6*6 CM

4, Size100: 10*5*6 CM


 4 handls: size300,size200,size150,size100


  Two handles work same time 










Purchasing process






Dear Sir/Madam:


Thanks for visting our prducts.We are the beauty machine manufacturer. We have cooperated with many companies from American ,Turkeys, Spain,Russia, Japan and south america and so on.


This  machine can protect the skin from hurting and smooth the skin. And it can be effective in the therapy of skin refuvenation, removal of deep wrinkle, pigment and acne. 

(fat loss, shape body)

And meanwhile, we provide OEM service,that includes change the description as your request.


We are looking for worldwide distributors to establish long-term cooperation relations, if you have a dream, if you want to join the beauty equipment industry, so, please don't hesitate, please contact us immediately,  high quality machine will bring you a brilliant market benefit!!


Any comments will be appreciated.


With bsest regards,




cryo FAQ

1)cryo Machine :What are the features of the freeze fat system 2?


Compared with freeze fat system 1solidifying the blood around the fat which causes the necrosis of the tissue damages, freeze fat system 2 warms the treatment area first-making blood and fat separate, and then comes the cryotherapy. It is a safe way to remove fat.


2)cryo Machine :What will happen after the treatment?


The Sculpting procedure is non-invasive. Most patients typically resume their routineactivities, including returning to work and exercise regimens on the same day as theprocedure.Transient local redness, bruising and numbness of the skin are common side effects ofthe treatment and expected to subside in couple of hours. Typically sensory deficits will subsidewithin 1~8 weeks.


3)cryo Machine :What are the feelings during the treatment?


Using sophisticated computer program to control temperature in a safe range. In the first 5 minutes the patients will feel the warm, which gradually turns into a cold feeling in the treatment area, in clinical experience: no medication to relieve pain, no invasive wound, no pains. During the process of treatment, patients will experience uncomfortable feeling caused by powerful suction coming from the probe, but it disappears gradually, then there is no special feeling but a little cold paralysis. During the treatment, patients can play computer or even take a comfortable snap.


Freeze fat system 2=hot separation technology+ optical response technology+ cold wave destruction technology


4)cryo Machine :How long the effect will last?


Patients experiencing fat layer reduction show persistent results at least 1 year after the procedure.The fat cells in the treated area are gently eliminated through the body's normal metabolismprocess. The elimination of fat cells as a result of the procedure is expected to last as long as fatcells removed by invasive procedures such as liposuction.


5)cryo Machine :How do the results compare with other procedures such as liposuction?


liposuctionbenefit:The results of the liposuction procedure are very rapid and dramatic .Side effect: pain, fatal risk, recovery time even body asymmetry will occure during surgicalprocedures.




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